A Note Before The Camino Experience

I don´t have to say, that it has been a long time since you have read and/or seen a blog from me. I know, that professional marketers and people who promote the heck out of all kinds of stuff, might not find my strategy of blogging one time in 6-7 months and then do it, only once more before being off line for 5-6 weeks the most effective way of making people able to follow a blog.

The fact of the matter is, that there has not been a lot of inspiration and experiences to share…

until now… even though it all is way ahead of me; A new adventure is upon me, and on April 2nd, I will be leaving Denmark yet again. The immediate plan is first to go to Malaga in Spain, for a quick spell and to just leave the majority of my possessions, before I will head north to walk The Camino to Santiago.

All I am bringing on the journey to Santiago.
All I am bringing on the journey to Santiago.

The first time that the inspiration about this historic pilgrimage entered my life, was when I watched the movie The Way in early November 2011 with a former girl friend. It is interesting, because since then, and especially over the last 9-10 months a lot of hints from people and situations lead me to finally decide, that this pilgrimage will be an important experience for me.

Description of items in image:
– 33L backpack, 1L water bottle, sleeping bag, hiking shoes, hiking pants with zip off, my signature travel shorts, a light weight running clothing, a solid wind jacket, travel towl, sleeping mat, two long wool undershirts, two light weight outdoor shirts with sun protection, 3 pairs of wool socks and a hat.

I have also branded myself up to promote my business and project with a few Journey Navigator T-shirts, Your Unique Journey Belt, a few of my books to pass out, a key ring with my two logos to attach on my backpack and my own Journey Navigator pen. In addition, as an avid writer I have brought three notebooks and a voice recorder which sums up what will make up my backpack of tools and items to bring on this voyage.

The route will begin in Saint Jean Pied de Port, in the South of France and end after 500miles/800km in Santiago in the North West part of Spain, which I see as a bridge between what, I in my past, want to leave behind and embrace looking forward to all the great opportunities on the other side of that bridge. It is no surprise to many who know me well, that close to the last three years has been the toughest period of my life. It has been so destructive and difficult, that I at times was in such a mode where living was not experienced and death was a more lucrative thought.

I want that period of time to be be wisdom-reminder, that our journey in life brings us through deep valleys and help us become more aware and sensitive to when we need to pay attention to what does and doesn’t  serve us.

The Camino experience will be a journey, that resembles life´s longer journey. As you might know, it is said, that any habit takes between 26-40 days to change, and what I like about the length of the pilgrimage to Santiago is, that it will at least take around 30 days in total. I am interested to see what this will mean, and how different I will come out on the other side given the length as well as many hours spend walking every day. Maybe the reason why this is a profound experience, for so many, is the change in yourself, that happens because of the mix between the length and intense time spend with yourself and that the result is the realization that the resemblance to ones actual life becomes clearer through it?

How about I let you know, what my answer to that question is after.

Many wants to follow me on this quest, in terms of what I experience, how the landscape looks, stories about all the fellow pilgrims I will meet along the way, and much else, but I have decided that I will be off line during the time on The Road. I will, however, document anything I feel like and share it with you after my arrival to civilization and the virtual universe, so look forward to that!

Leading up to the adventure of The Camino, I have asked myself the question; what will happen and what will I get out of this journey? – I have thought about the possible outcomes like, letting go of pain and the darkness in the past, personal insights, the opportunity for networking, interesting conversations and experiences with fellow pilgrims and on the list of thoughts go… but there is no defining answer. It´s like, that in the horizon of this answer, there is an imagery of something that is pure, and very clear, yet far from being concrete.

During the early part of my travels, I learned to have faith in the unknown, to know that things will always work out and be okay regardless of the situation. Much to my dismay, that seemed to have been more or less destroyed over the last 2½+ years, but I see this upcoming adventure as the chance to reclaim what I learned… and the only way in doing so and to get to know if that it will give me that, is by taking one foot in front of the other, beginning in Saint Jean Pied de Port until I reach Santiago de Compostela.

Until I do, and until I am back online to share it all with you, wish me “Buen Camino” and in return I will send you good and encouraging thoughts from The Road with my wish for your journey in life, which is that, “if you want to go somewhere you have not gone before you have to do something you have not done before.”

All my best,

Until next time...
Until next time…

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