Following your heart: Is that a choice?

As some of you may know, I have written a book and if you have it, you might have gotten to the last chapter, which is about following our heart.

In recent time I have had a lot of thoughts about this idea of following our heart and also if it really IS a choice or simply something we follow because of what we feel.

I have had many conversations, written about it and studied much within the concept and it seems to me, that I at least have come to my own conclusion that choice is very relative to say the least, and might not be other than a grand illusion in our life and in the universe at large.

Some days ago my youngest brother came to me and wanted to ask me a question. He asked me, if I believed we have free choice as human beings. He had seen a video with a science experiment ; where there was a guy hooked up to some equipment and put in a scanner that could measure and see what was happening in the persons brain. The person was laying down and all he had to do was to click a button on either his right or left hand. The person in charge of the experiment was able to predict 6 seconds in advance, what choice he would make every single time. Knowing full well what the person in the experiment would do or choose at all times. Scary isn’t it? My brother was a little scared of that. He has a great desire to understand, which I can clearly understand, in terms of if we have free choice or not. Because if we believe that we do have free will and we actually don’t, then we live in an illusion and that is way scary! ( The Video-link is right here: )

For instance, let´s say we don’t have free choice. What might come to mind next might be, that our life then must be destined. I don’t like the word destiny, because it sounds like our life is doomed before hand and it has a destructive connotation to it.

From the information I have gathered through studying in addition to my life experience, there is something to it, but I don’t see this as a destiny, but what the Buddhist tradition refers to as Dharma.
They say that a bird has a Dharma as well as a tree and it comes down to that everything in nature has its way and when we live out our Dharma, we live a fulfilled life.

Following our heart is a way to describe Dharma I believe. When we follow an emotion about something that we are passionate about, something that gives us direction because we love to do whatever it might be, I don’t believe that this is a choice. Depending on what words and perception you use, I see this as a heartfelt emotion that we follow, but also something that might be pulling us or guiding us in a direction that has fulfillment as the “end”-objective.

So when we follow our heart that is not a choice, what is it we are guided by? What is it that pulls us in this direction that we are headed?

When talking about energy as electricity, electricity can only go from a higher to a lower vibration to work and not the other way around. According to scientists within the study of quantum physics, everything is energy, everything is vibrating, and everything is essentially ONE with everything on the most fundamental level. I believe this is a way we can see, that whatever this greatness and vastness of energy that we are all one with is, if that is pulling us, it must be because we people on this planet is on a lower level of vibration and energy, than whatever is bigger than us. It therefore naturally guides us towards that higher vibration of energy that has many names, but I choose to use the word fulfillment as that word in this blog.

The point and answer I am trying to make in regards to the title-question if following our heart is a choice, I don’t believe it is. I do believe that while we know this, that our consciousness that we have as human beings makes us able to experience life and what we follow as something new and exciting. When we do, the more we do and the more we get into alignment with this Dharma of ours, we are simply following our hearts way towards fulfillment as a human being and I don’t think we want to have a choice in that matter.

I personally believe it is about following it…


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