Update From Orlando

Hi all!

Yes, I will try my way with a written blog this time. Not sure how it will go and if you all will get through it, since I have made you accustomed to video blogs, but I guess we will have to see! 🙂

First of all I want to ask you for a favor… Go to the following website and vote on this great organization called CAT, which stands for Chicago Adventure Therapy, Here!
That will help them in a huge way when it comes to developing and expand their program that helps youth in great ways!

“Chicago Adventure Therapy works with under-served Chicago youth using outdoor sports to build life skills. In 5 years we’ve worked with1,000 young people facing myriad risk factors including poverty, homelessness and gang involvement. One young woman said, “I have learned to be a better person at home in the streets and everywhere else I go. I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling.” We want to help our young people earn internationally recognized certifications that will make them employable in the outdoor industry. To do this successfully we need to expand our fleet of boats.”

Secondly, the update on the journey is that I am settling in, in the outskirts of Orlando. I am spending a lot of time with my good friend Ben, getting to know him better, the way he lives, meet his friends, spend time on his boat and have some good conversation. In about 8 days I will head to Ohio as I am going to Vermilion in Ohio because I was an exchange student there about 10 years ago. I am attending a wedding with my American sister from the family I stayed with that year. I look forward to be a part of such a family gathering and to be back in the town I consider home.

I then have a conference to go to in Chicago in early June, where Vincent Genna, who wrote the foreword to my book is speaking. He has invited me to be part of his program towards the very end, so that will be interesting and important to getting myself and my book out there, and my first opportunity to maybe speak for more than 100 people.

After that first weekend in June in Chicago, I am actually unsure about where life is taking me at the moment. I guess it is one of those times where I will see where the flow of life takes me.

Throughout it all, it is about networking, get my book around, I will be on 4 interviews, speak before a live audience 1-2 times probably and all in all establish what I do as a foundation for the future. I look forward to this journey within the main journey and I look forward to share what happens with you all.

Be sure to sign up on my mailing list on my website and receive a free chapter of my book: www.journey-navigator.com

Thank you so much for following me and supporting me in my life – I hope I will have the chance to contribute to your life, if I am not already am doing so.

Let me know at anytime how I can help you on your journey, I will be happy in doing so in any way it is possible. Simply write me an email at: gideonnielsen@gmail.com

My very best on your journey,


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