Gideon´s Journey

A Thought on Feeling Good & Two Give Away´s!

Hi friends!

Today is the 24th of March and today is day number 19 on St. Martin Island. I know for a fact, that by now this experience will count for one that will help me along on my path in life. Much is still to be discovered, much is still to be let go of from the past, I believe that is why I am here essentially.

With that, I want to share a line with you that I came up with yesterday, when I was out for a hike with one of my neighbors. We went around the area, and went all the way up on a hill close by and sat on a big volcanic rock and enjoyed the view all around – we saw the houses on the hills, the sun go down behind the mountains and the view out over the magnificent blue Atlantic Ocean.

As we walked back, I began to think about what would be an easy way to describe life and while I did not come up with a real description, I instead came up with what I see as a very simple wish we all truly want and what we all know about; to feel good.

The line I came up with goes: “The purpose in life is to feel good and in feeling good we find our purpose.”

Have you seen the movie The Secret? – If you have, you probably remember towards the end of the movie; feel good, being written in the sand, as to reveal what “the secret” is. And… is there anything else we want, other than to feel good? Is there something better, something more important? – I mean does that not lead to so many good things like, relationships, love, friendship, passion and purpose?

While you ponder those questions during the rest of the read of this blog and maybe the following days, I want to share a couple of things with you. I believe that giving stuff away will create a great win-win situation – in which case I want to give some stuff away! J

I want to offer you one of my chapters from my book for free!
It will be the chapter about The Comfort Zone. It is an important topic, and one I believe will help you.

The way you will get a hold of this chapter is to put in your email address in the bottom of the website page (not blog page), or on the contact page, where it says: “Join My Mailing List” – From there I will personally send you the chapter!

The offer will stand from today and until I publish my next blog, which I promise you will not be before next month!

This leads me to the second give away!

All the people who are now on my email list and all the people who will be joining, will have a chance to get a hold of one Your Unique Journey – T-shirt!

White on Blue - Back

White on Blue - Front







SO…  By putting in your email address, you both get a chapter of my book for free and in the next blog, which will be a video blog, I will let you see me draw from all the people who did the above and I will then mail one t-shirt with the choice of color, size and so forth to the winner!

With that, I want to continue to say thank you for your support and wish you well and safe on Your Unique Journey!


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