Gideon´s Journey

A Conversation With Magician Anders Hansen

Below is a video that I made with Anders Hansen. A great Danish friend who contacted me about a year ago. We have kept in touch because our mutual interest in personal development as well as why we both have made a similar move in terms of leaving Denmark. We connected a lot, grew our friendship through conversations etc. and now we finally met.

And here is your chance to get more familiar with him too…

If you want to also get a sense of what kind of things that he does, here is his trailer that gives a great idea of what kind of magic he creates and what kind of energy that is in the shows he is big part of.


For myself, it is my last day in Miami before I am heading to Saint Martin/Marteen Island where the goal is to establish a home and a base for me to live and settle. I have had a wish for some time to find a place that really makes sense and until I know or experience otherwise, I look forward to be surrounded by the ocean, sun, warmth and find myself again which in essence is to feel good and feel more happy than I have been.

My friend and experience with Anders has helped me to embark on this adventure and I am ready for it! So goodbye Anders and thank you for everything!

… and thank YOU for watching and reading!

May you be well and safe on your unique journey!



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