A New Beginning With New Outer & Inner Platforms

Here, is an update and information about many new things I want to expose and reveal.

First of all, this is the first time the blog is within my new website and platform as Journey Navigator, so I hope you like the setup and will entice you to follow me out there in the world.

My designer, Nino, has done a terrific job with the website, logos and design of t-shirts and everything, and is a person dedicated to make everything he creates stand out in a very unique and splendid way. I admire the way he has come about this, especially because it seems like he knows more about how I want it than myself, and that is certainly a skill to say the least.

If you want to get more familiar with Nino and his work, please visit http://ninowork.com

When you look at the front page of the websites, right below the slides, there is a video that was made in early January. Two lovely girls, helped me create this video and they have done such a great job. They have big dreams and goals when it comes to making movies and personal documentaries like the one of me. If you like what they have made and would like to get in touch with them, feel free to contact them at https://www.facebook.com/HalseyPedersen

The third thing that has a great amount of satisfaction to me, is my book Your Unique Journey – A Guide For Your Life. The work in writing and making that come about has certainly been a journey in itself and as you can see on the website it is now done. It is a little guide and a short book, which I believe makes it an easy read and easy to get an idea about my thoughts and many of the things I believe that I hope will be of inspiration to you.

It is important for me to make you aware, that I will give a percentage of all the book sales to acquire 5000 Pay it Forward bracelets, which also has the name of my own project; Your Unique Journey, on them. This is to be able to make more people aware of Pay it Forward and Your Unique Journey, because I believe that giving of our uniqueness will make us come together.

And… Now…

To something that is not just new, but a dream come true, a dream that came out of the blue about living in and around the blue in a sense.

The main title of this blog has to do with inner and outer platforms and what you have read above is what I see now as some of my outer platform and foundation, that I now will build and create from.

The next part also has to do with outer platforms, but it is also a manifestation, of what I believe has come about because something inside of myself has changed and gotten a much stronger foundation.

During the weekend of the 9th and 10th of February, I had a great conversation with a contact of mine, Heidi in New York. One thing lead to the next, as I had a goal to find a base to settle somewhere in the world, Heidi informed me, that she had a contact at Saint. Marteen Island in the Caribbean and what was significant other than it obviously is a beautiful spot, was that it is a French/Dutch Island and goes under EU-regulations. THAT excited me, because it meant, that I did not need a VISA, it would be like going to France in Europe from Denmark, and just stay there basically.

I needed more information, and 4 days later on Valentine’s Day, I got more information from her friend. The days between the two conversations began development of great excitement, but before any of it, I had in my head planned to stay in Denmark, save up a bit and then hit Saint. Marteen Island in August after some traveling in North America, but that changed pretty much instantly! – If I wanted to go and take over the apartment of Heidi’s friend, I needed to make the decision now, and arrive there before the end of February. I was hesitating at first, because it was not in my plans to go so soon, but he asked me a great question: “What is holding you back?” – and I was thinking that nothing really was, and I believe, that he with that question, helped push me over the edge and make a decision now, which I did.

So now, I will literally embark on a journey and new adventure. The place to settle is at Saint. Marteen Island, where I then will begin building my Journey Navigator business as well as my project Your Unique Journey, create products, write, read and develop myself as well as whatever you see that I am doing. It will be a great spot with much culture, many different languages and a chance to have a place to travel out from on business and pleasure as well as having an opportunity to invite a lot of my friends worldwide for a stay in the Caribbean. The last part is something I look forward to a lot.

What beauty it is to have this opportunity… because many of you who read this, know that I have had a brutal time the last 18+ months of my life and seeing how all that darkness has almost made me snap, it shows once again, that if we KEEP GOING, and KEEP BELIEVING, that things will work out, IT WILL! If we keep going we grow in strength, if we give up we will NEVER KNOW and no one deserves that.

When you read this, I will have left Denmark once again. More than 3 years has passed since I left the first time and began a life out of just a back pack and now there is so much on the outer and inner platforms that won’t just make my own life rise to another level, but I believe in my heart that it eventually will benefit many others lives as well.

I want to say thank you to all. I appreciate your support, friendship and love and with that…

May you be well and safe on your unique journey.


P.S. Here is my video..


1 thought on “A New Beginning With New Outer & Inner Platforms

  1. Hoo Rah Gideon! I am so very excited for you brother. And loved the video as well.

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