Gideon´s Journey

It’s a Wrap!

The year is about to be over and a new one is about to appear fairly soon, so it is natural to reflect on what we have been through this past year. The up’s and down’s, the achievements, memories and many other things.

With that, I would like to give you a metaphor to take with you into the New Year.

Begin to imagine the following, which you can do while sitting down or standing up. When you have read this, you can either decide if you want to sit or stand, but do it with closed eyes. Standing can make it easier to imagine as moving your heals up and down can pretend walking. The best thing is of course to do this for real, to get the experience.


Imagine you are out on a road somewhere; it can be in a city with a lot of traffic or on the dusty road in the middle of nowhere, perhaps on a beach or whatever you want to imagine being. With the image in mind of where you are, begin to walk backwards. Keep walking backwards and watch… watch every person or moving object, like cars and busses, see the trees, birds, the road that you have been walking on and everything you pass… keep walking and understand that all you see and all you focus on is what you are passing, which is obviously the past. Imagine that all you are able to do is to turn your head to see that there actually is another type of focus, which is the road ahead and not only the road passed, but since you only walk backwards, you gradually get used to only seeing the past, all you pass is in a sense passing you by literally, without giving yourself the chance to have much influence on it.

I have done this experiment, and after a while when walking like this, your head begins to mess with you, because it is very unnatural to walk backwards, but so is only looking at what you have passed, regardless of if you are literally walking backwards or are thinking backwards.

Reflecting is looking back at what happened through the year, what we did and what memories were made. To make sense out of what we went through, to become clear about the mistakes we made and the strength that we gained through it all, whether we could see that while being in the storm with or without an “s” or first could when it was over. The truth is, that if we stare the past down and allow that to be our focus, we will let our life go by.

So… let’s reflect on the year that has gone by and let the New Year, be the time where we literally turn our body around and let the past be the past with all the good things it has helped us realize and all the strength and understanding we have gained. Let’s do this while we wander ahead towards our dreams, our passions, what we want to manifest and most important of all do what we love with people we love.

May you be safe and well going into the New Year on Your Unique Journey…

My very best to you,



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