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Do You Have a Solid Soul?

I remember a long time ago, when I was a lot younger than the young man I still am now, that I broke my arm. Actually I have had both of my arms broken at two different times. I heard, but do not remember from who and did not understand at the time, that when something like a bone in your body breaks, when it heals it actually becomes stronger. So right now, I guess I have two stronger arms, than before I broke them.

I in addition to the above I have also literally been broke, and obviously not meaning, that my entire body broke in half or anything, but as you have probably already figured, I financially have experienced the agony of losing a lot of money as well as being financially broke.

I at two times in my life have experienced both being broke and another time losing a huge chunk of money. The one was the slow blow of having less and less and less and over many weeks and the other was in just two days losing a 5 figure sum and I can tell you that both are not fun, both are really difficult to deal with.

In both scenarios, I got back stronger though. After the specific situations regarding the financial losses a motivation aroused to seek something better and to work myself out of it and soon after it was like my personality and character have lead to a lot more confidence in myself in knowing that I came through it and now felt a higher self esteem and more joy in my life.

Have you tried to break your heart? – Either as a child by being neglected and/or abandoned, lost a loved one way too early, broken up with anyone or have your heart ripped out when your love and/or trust for someone was ignored, looked over etc?

I believe we all have experienced these things in one way or the other. This, in many cases can be less of a physical thing, if it is not physical abuse and such of course. It is often the toughest of experiences to go through, you know, when we literally feel that our soul is being torn continuously and it is like it is being killed, while staying alive. At this time, I am sure you are with me and are nodding along, when recognizing this from your own life.

My point, is the point that I have made with the other two examples, which is, that when a bone in our body breaks and then heals, it will increase its strength. The same thing with our experience when something else breaks down, like our financials just in another way, we will in our own unique due time, bounce back and when out of it, be and feel stronger than we were before.

Do you have a solid soul?

The main conclusion, I want to make is that when our soul experiences the excruciating pain that we can and will go through on our unique journey in life, I believe that the more we experience, the more we bounce back and the more we understand, the stronger and more solid our soul will be and become.

We can wonder how in the world we got through what we did, when our pain takes all the attention, but what we find is that when we later in life experience struggle, down periods, we have our solid soul to help us respond and stay more contained and confident in the way we handle and go about the situations, because we know it will be alright, we know it will come out positive and stronger when through it and that type of faith is what I believe we all have to some degree and are continuously building every day.

So to answer the question that started this blog post: I believe that you have a solid soul!

What do you believe?


I hope these words helped you in some way, as when I got this question in mind today, I just had to write it out and post it.

Thank you very much and may you be well and safe on Your Unique Journey.

–          Journey Navigator – Gideon Nielsen

P.S. – I am soon publishing my first book and are looking for feedback in how the cover design looks. If you are interested in seeing the cover as only the people who are either close to me or read this blog will get a preview, then email me at:


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