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Hey peeps..

An update to keep my word on the more consistent blog posts. Last time I wrote, I was based in Culver City in LA. A great and beautiful place! I am beginning to fall in love with the state of California and the consciousness of health in the city of LA is very intriguing! 

My time in LA and also San Diego got to be a place of connecting with people, establish further contacts and take another important step on the journey. 

Since October 6th, I have been back in Denmark, as I wanted to go back to celebrate my dads 50th birthday. It became 2½ days of celebration with a lot of friends, family, great conversation and amazing food! Have you ever tried a 7 course meal at a fancy restaurant? – Try it! 😉

Right now, the main work and focus is my book and platform for my Journey Navigator coaching. – What does that mean? 

For the past year, I have worked on a book and throughout my life I feel it is finally getting to a point, where my passion for helping people, expressing my theories and ideas along with giving to the world is all merging, and that is the platform that is being build at the moment for me to share. 

Through my network and contacts I have been graced with a person, who have taken on my project to build it all and soon you will be able to see, what the logo looks like, my theories, my book and all that I want to share come together. I am proud to have such a great person helping me and I look forward to share it with as many as possible soon. 


This is the update for now, but before I close, I want to ask you something. Something I know you have as everyone does. 

You have a story! 

If you want to share a story in your life, where you have gone through great struggle and come through with greater strength, humility and so forth on the other side, please send it to me! 

Do so by emailing me at:

So without further a due. 

May you be well and safe on your unique journey. 


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