Gideon´s Journey

Where Am I Now?

Hi guys!

Wow! It has been 8+ months since my last blog.

For that I apologize. I will pursue to be back on track with regular posts, so you can follow what is happening in my life and what will be happening.

At the moment, I am in Culver City in California. I am staying with a couple, who I greatly admire for their awareness when it comes to their own lives and their relationship. It is rare when you find a couple who can sit next to each other and literally say to each other, that they first of all don´t need each other to be happy and that they do not want to stick around each other if they are both not happy with that. How many have you heard be able to say that out loud? – for me that is my first time and something I am in aw of!

I met Paul and Julie in Tulum, Mexico.

Uhh… Yea, that is right. I was in Mexico for about 5 weeks too. (Might as well, right?)

The past 15 months of my life has been one of many struggles and much turmoil, and since I did not know fully what it all was, I was not feeling well, was up and down a lot, so I left Illinois with the purpose of finding myself again and get more inner peace.

That was when Tulum, became the spot and home for two days short of five weeks.

What was happening there, along with what got finished to make even more happen is that I found a lot of myself again, learned and enjoyed life again at the ocean. Took long walks in the sun and in the evening, met great and positive people to share life with experience. Yoga and breathing became the center of rejuvination and was a great help to look in and forgive myself, heal and let go of what no longer was serving me.

And….. on top of all that, I got my first book done.

That is right. My first book is done and it will be out in a few weeks, and I will of course keep you updated on that process. And the word “process” is the exact word of what publishing a book is. It is a process. There are so many things involved here, that it especially when much of it is out of your hands challenges you to improve your patience and letting go of what you cannot control.

It is a fun process too though and I look forward to share my work with a lot of people!
Many people have supported me and believe in this work, so it will be fun to expose and get out there as it will surely be a valuable asset for us all, I believe.

I will stay around Culver City for another 8 days and will also hit San Diego for a couple of days before heading back to Chicago where I have a return flight for Denmark waiting on me, which will be the 5th of October.

Until my next post, enjoy your life, the journey and everything that comes along with it, it is all there to suit the ongoing purpose of your life.

May you be well and safe on your unique journey



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