Relating Life To Life

The New Year is Approaching – A Time For Change, A Time For Transition

A man was walking down the road, and he had a thick rope around his stomach, tied to this huge square rock. He was walking slowly as it was obviously really heavy and since it was square, it had a lot of resistance when dragged by this man, as he took his steps.

As he was walking and people coming towards him, he was complaining about how heavy this and hard it was to move this big thing forward. Obviously he was not happy but struggling.

One of the people he told, stopped, looked at him and asked him: “Why don´t you just let it go?”

He quickly went into an outrage and became upset, with the man telling him this, “Just mind your own business!” – he said.

As he walked along, shaking his head to why in the world he would get rid of this rock. His mind went on: “This is mine, I am used to having this rock by my side and I have had it for such a long time, why should I get rid of it? – he again, shook his head, as he went back in to his comfort of his situation and carries on walking down the road.

He after a little while meets another person, who says: “Why don’t you let go of this rock?” – The rock-carrying man got upset once again, but the person he met was fortunately a little more persistent and asked another question: “It looks like you are really attached to this rock, but it is obviously not a part of who you are, you know?”

It is not? – But I have been carrying this rock around for years, it is like a friend or someone I am close to, I feel it mine something I want to hold on to! – Why would I get rid of it? – I would like to keep it…

The second man he met, shook his head, took off his hat and bowed, like there was nothing more he could do.

On he went down the road with his rock and then a third man stopped in aw, and said: “Why in the world don’t you get rid of that huge rock? – You do not seem happy and it looks extremely heavy!”

I can even help you, he said…

Help me? – I do not need any help!!! A third time he got upset and almost went on to see if he could get his arms around this huge rock, and protect it like it was his. “It is nonsense, this is my rock, I have carried for so many years, I don’t want to let it go, it is mine,” he claimed, with his protective behavior.

“But this rock of yours, it does not seem to do you any good or serve you in any way,” the third man, said.

I do not understand what you mean, I do not feel I want to change, I am afraid of what will happen, I mean I know this rock, it is like it is a part of my life and who I am. So I just want to keep it safe and let things be the way they are.

And he pushed him away, because he did not want his help!

-With a snap of a finger, the third man, jumped behind the rock-man and with a quick little maneuver he had pulled out a pocket knife and somehow snipped the rope over.

Initially he should have never had done this, he took the man by his neck and strangled him up against the wall and thereafter threw him on the ground! Why did you do that??? Now I am not attached to the rock anymore, I do not know what I should do now??!?

Why don’t you just walk the same way without the rock, the man said? – Now you don´t have that heavy thing behind you…

He looked up from the man, as he changed his look in his face and realized as he walked around freely. It was obviously amazing how incredible that felt. He began to jump and dance and use his body like he had never used it before. He began to smile and sing, because he realized how free he was without this huge rock!

He was dumb found and was like, “why did I not just let go of this heavy thing, there was only this rope to cut!”

He bewilderment, asked…: How did you know that this would help me??

Well… The third man said…

I had a person help me get rid of mine…

He told the man without the rock, just walk now and enjoy the journey you are on. Maybe you can help someone at some point, when you see one in a similar situation.

Yea! I would love that, it is a fantastic feeling to feel so free, thank you so much! I am sorry about hitting you and throw you down on the ground like that…

It is okay, I did something similar, when I had my help come to me… reason is because we are afraid of what we are not used to and sometimes we have to face the fear of the unknown and times with such heavy burdens, we sometimes really need help from a person we would not expect help from or in the manner it happened on this journey we are on.


Why don’t we walk together and help each other enjoy and improve our lives and we can then help even more people, because they will listen to us, and be more quickly convinced through our tale of our experience we had together. – It is stronger and we can do more when we come together! We can create a big group and help many many others come together and the more we are the more we will be able to help!

Lets do it he said!

Lets get on with this quest…

This is about your and our journey and we can all share and come together when we utilize the experiences we have gone through…


Have a beautiful Christmas and New Years… Lets keep something in mind as we enter a time of love, family and friends…

We are all on a unique journey and we all carry burdens… But we can help each other heal them so we individually can let them go, and relieve us from pain that is not serving to us or anyone else.

I wish you my very best in the time to come…

2012 is going to be a time of change, time of transformation and a time where I believe we will come more together…

May you all be well and safe Y(our) Unique Journey…


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