Gideon´s Journey

The Next Month On The Journey!

How are you doing, fellow journey-riders!

The next month will be quite interesting for Y(our) Unique Journey and I would like to use the opportunity to give you insight up front on what is going to happen!

I want to let you know where I will be and what will happen as it is very important steps in the establishment of the project and the future of exposing this community!

Read More– The 21st-23rd of October I will be going to Utah to be a part of the Pay It Forward Experience Conference, their first annual conference and an organization with huge momentum! If you want more info go click on the following link: Pay It Forward Experience.

– The 28th-30th of October, I will be going to Colorado for a special workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza. It is a level 3,5 workshop, as I have attended three workshops prior. Incredible information and you can find out more about him here: Dr. Joe Dispenza

– The 7th of November, I will be a part of a radio show with my good friend Vincent Genna. He has a radio show every monday and we will talk about self belief and I will be talking about the project Y(our) Unique Journey, there will be a lot of people listening! You can listen too, by following this link: Radio Show – I will be listed on the “upcoming broadcast” about 1-2 weeks before the show.

– The 14th of November I will begin a very important and structured one-year program with Rich German. I will simply be under his wing for a full year and through that I am sure you will see Y(our) Unique Journey be more exposed and grow a lot during 2012!

We look forward to have this grow, but it will happen faster with your help!

This community has a huge potential, but the potential lies in the hands of every individual. Together we can indeed contribute to one another, together we can bring about information that can help all of us, on our unique journey´s.

You can help in many ways:

– Donate to the project
– Sponsorship where you will have exposure and benefits as the project grows.
– Contribute your personal Journey Story!
– Contribute reviews, of books, programs, material, seminars and/or workshops!
– Contribute, quotes, videos, poems, stories or anything you find inspiring
– Contribute your testimonial and get exposure to your website and what you do

There are many options to help and as we all help, we eventually help people help themselves. That is the purpose and what will happen through this community!

Contribute anything you desire on the website:

Thank you so much!

May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


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