Clarity Comes Through Coherence

People.. How are ya?
Hopefully you are all well and growing on your journey…

Another hope is that this post will give you some kind of inspiration… Lets see how we go! ūüôā

There is an ancient quote that goes something like this:
“The longest journey is the 20″ inches from the head to the heart”.

I believe that our senses is our toolbox and our mind is our backpack, which we carry around…
The senses we have is what we use to navigate around and how to make sense and be relatively aware about what is happening. Along with that, our mind seem to be our back pack, which; relates, compares and  reminds us about what happened last time, often related and felt the strongest because of negative results.

The journey down to our heart is referred to as the longest, because of the conditioning we have received from anything and anywhere we look in this society, because here in the western world, that is what we pay most attention to, instead of really diving into and understand the energy and are even aware of the strong magnetic field we have in our heart. Like the¬†Romans¬†said; the “heart of hearts”!

It is said that our heart has a magnetic field 5000 times stronger, than our brain. That means that through the emotions as, compassion, love, caring, gratitude and appreciation, we create coherence as we connect those emotions with our mind. It is a tremendous experience, because there is nothing separate in life, everything is connected and whole. When we understand we are connected to everything and experience and live after our heart and focus on that the energy and loving emotions, it will reveal wholeness from within.

Our mind separates and fragments that potential for wholeness because it is on a lower frequency and has a magnetic field, which is not capable of creating any kind of coherence or well being without the connectedness with our heart.

So how do we get to this…? Well.. I actually have something to help you with that!
Listen to the calm music ¬†below and while you listen, simply be aware of yourself, what is around you and feel yourself be one with it all… Simply be and feel connected…

This is a way to feel it and be in it and get to a place of coherence… The more you listen to this and the more you are in this state, the more you will enhance the sense of coherence and it is an experience only understood when it has been felt strongly. I urge you to give it a shot!

I look forward to hear what you think and your experience with it…

You can find more information about Adam King, who created it and more about him and his work through the link below…

I hope this post finds you well and can help you and/or improve your life in some way…

May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


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