Relating Life To Life

Red Lights – The Experiences In This Moment.. Matter.

The idea for this blog is from my good friend Geoff Lakings. – Co – Creater of Y(our) Unique Journey…
I had just arrived in Houston at the greyhound bus terminal, after a 26+ hour bus-journey from Chicago.

Leaving with different kinds of emotional and physical pain, it was not the most pleasant trip. It is not often that making a correct decision, feels in such a way and by getting away, I had faith, that the clarity on the situation and the happenings of the past couple of weeks would reveal greater awareness, bring forth love, understanding and compassion to assist me in the in confusion I personally had going.

“Chirp”! – A text message from Geoff, he was on his way and a few minutes later… “Chirp”! He was there… We said our hello´s and we got on our way to the “chillaxing-home” of him and his twin brother. It was over midnight and not any cars or people on the streets. Whatever made it happen, we ran a red light and did not notice it before we were at the other side. As we began to brainstorm on the metaphors that could be brought up, with the idea of “red lights” in our lives, some insights began to brew.

How often do we notice the red lights in our lives? If the red lights are our intuition, that wants our attention when we should stop and reflect, take a minute to assess the situation, do we always follow through or do we sometimes run the red light, even though we know we should not. Most of the time it will probably end up, alright, but all of a sudden, something will hit us hard. And a week later we will either be at the hospital wondering what happened and have a broken body, or “wake up” to the reality of the situation we continued to ignore, and then regret actions towards people in our life, close relationships or experiences we could have gotten, that now is felt as regret.

Often we can tend to blame people, the media and much distraction around us, but we are always responsible for our actions…! In this way of life, we really have to slow down…… Way down, and….

Take the time to pause, reflect, and be mindful of the world and the people around us.
The experiences in this moment matter.

May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


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