Perspective On A Current Reality

Hi people..

Through the travel experiences I have had, something has made a profound impact in my life, which was the actual reason why I left Denmark and my home in the first place. It also got to be an understanding, that I still believe is true and is important for me to pay attention to, as to see when that can be utilized.

When I in February of 2010 left for Australia, I left without knowing, as I had not yet experienced it, all the really good things I had at home and the perspective I would get by leaving it.

I have a little theory, which is… You can experience a place  99% and when you leave the place the last 1% makes the it all come full circle. I know this to some will probably not make a lot of sense, although it is something I believe is true in my life. It seems that every time I move on from somewhere, or simply leave for a little bit and then come back, an awareness, hence perspective is raised to another level, because the reality I currently would have found myself in, is somewhere I would have been for too long and all of a sudden not “see” it as much as I did initially. That is where I find that taking the step out to look in at how I have behaved, what the place looks like, the people there and what happened seems to make the pieces of the clarity-puzzle come together.

I have left many places over the past 20 months and it seems to do something of that nature every single time. If I have left a place I was not comfortable, or if it was a place I only were a week, it always brought more clarity. Sometimes I use it as “safety” simply because I through the many experiences, know what it will do, to take a step out of the situation, or away from the particular place where I have been. I do not know what it will give me, other than perspective and it seems that is the key nevertheless and such an important factor, that knowing that is all I have to know.

Interesting is it, that gaining awareness from a given happening or experience somewhere, can happen when you are not there, at least I feel that it is vital.

There is not doubt that reality is something that is here and always will be here. We are reality, right now… When adding reality that we are always a part of and the place we are in that reality, depending on your level of consciousness, the longer you are in that place the more obvious and clear it will be to see, what you really got, when you leave it.

We often hear people and ourselves be happy about “getting away”, when leaving for vacation or for a weekend to go somewhere, because it is certainly a win-win situation.
It is a situation where you get a new experience, see something new, get involved with something new and all in all experience ourselves somewhere in new surroundings and environment.

And the win therefore is to see and experience something new and see our regular life from the perspective of where we are, from that “new” place, which is “outside” of our regular and perhaps habitual life or way of thinking.

So for me it is something, which is important and something I believe has helped me and is helping me… Especially if there are situations where I feel I cannot see through to a solution, then because I am a significant part of that situation, I must take myself out and look at it from the outside, to gain understanding about why I did what I did, why I behaved like I behaved and what I can do to change it, to simply gain clarity to be able to find out what to do from there.

So… When we feel we are too much in it and do not “see” the reality we are in as clearly as we want to, it might be a good move to take a step out to see why.

We all want to experience reality, as when we align ourselves with it we live more. So  I guess this is a way to get into it more…

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May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


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