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The Unique Journey We Are All On…

Hi folks..

A new blog with a topic which I really enjoy focusing on.
Uniqueness and this Journey we are all on…

On this journey we have embarked on, which is a journey we have gotten for free, is unique for all of us. In addition, we walk this path with very different goals, with very different back grounds and the outcomes are unique experiences that results in personality and character.

However we have come to the point of where we are now, we go towards goals and achievements which are evoked by what is our passion and what we desire to obtain in this life.
Family, career, relationships, travel experiences and many other more specifics goals…

What I want to touch on is, that when the uniqueness we are and the journey we are on merge, which is a given, is how we then get to where we want to and how…?

It does not matter what we strive for, where we want to go and what accomplishments or goals we want to make a reality in our lives, because if what we are shooting for is not something we have now, then it must be something we don´t. Obvious maybe but if it is something we don´t have the ability to have right now perhaps, that goal must be on a level higher than what the current state of our personality.

When we talk about personal growth and development, it is within this environment, that you find people striving for these goals, constantly in a different as well as higher place than the person is today. It is why that development is the key, because we have to climb up to the top where our goal is and we will obtain or achieve it, when our personality and the tools we got inside matches what is required for it to amount into what we desire.
The reason many people are involved in this arena, where growth, spirituality and those terms are used, is because it gives out tools for growing to get to obtain those individual dreams that everyone has. This is meant both within and without, happiness, joy and love as well as family, career and experiences!

The only way we naturally will grow more is to shoot for something which is at a level higher or more joyful than where we are now. On the journey we are on, we will have to go through things that will seem like it is not what we signed up for, but all is a part of growth and all is something a part of this unique journey we are on.

When you look back at your life, you will at all times, be able to find situations and periods of times where you have gone through something like that. We all have and it is important to recognize that we are here today, with the understanding we got because of what we went through back in the past somewhere.

Therefore, it is important I believe, that when we find ourselves in a period of time, where things does not seem to work out or feel comfortable in relation to where it is we are going, that we stop up and think about, why…
Is it because I am not yet, where I want to be at some level?
Is it because there is a lesson for me to learn and gain awareness from?

If what we strive for is on a level we are not, we have to make sure we do not just give up, but understand that it is a part of the path, to accomplish this goal, to grow and develop!

So if what you are striving for is a huge dream, which is great to have, then you will have some down time, but instead of calling it down-time, maybe calling it growth-time or development-time might be more suitable for us… 🙂

Just wanted to bring that note to you because I want to let you know about a very interesting project I am working on, which will help us all get together and help one another with.

Please visit:
This is a community which will be a platform where everyone who is all of us can help one another and has the chance to be able to support each other on this incredible unique journey…!

May you all be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey !
Kind regards,


2 thoughts on “The Unique Journey We Are All On…”

  1. Great to see you have a weblog, Gideon! From personal experience, I can tell you that sharing one’s thoughts with the world is a highly rewarding experience.

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