Let, Y(our) Unique Journey´s Merge!

How are you all doing..!?

I am excited to share this blog with you..
As it will have some great news and information, that I look forward to be able to give to you.


7 months and 8 days ago, an idea I had, rose to the surface of my mind and got expressed in an exciting brains storm with two people I refer to as “The Houston Twins”…  It is an idea I have had for some time, but never got the release from inside to begin to manifest its own reality, before it started, February 5th 2011.
While flying across the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico from Costa Rica, where I had just spend one of the most transformational weeks in my life, a pen swiftly got going on many pieces of paper like a wild fire cracker! It was simply an idea, that began to manifest  that is expansive and has huge potential!

It was with help from my two good buddies in Houston, that a natural flow of ideas began to see daylight and something that now is visible and have established the necessary foundation and is now ready to begin to build itself up to eventually be a significant part of this world, where we simply have to be able to begin to think in new ways, with each other.

Competition is a term and way of life in this world and it is, in this area we get taught, when beginning a sport, on our jobs, that the purpose and what is most important is to always be better than the other person, the other company or team. In my opinion there is no better or worse. What there are, is differences, which are unique.
Instead of many compete against one another, why don´t we work together, help each other for a common goal where we all can benefit?
Does it sound like utopia or simply another way of thinking and go about the world?

It is a new way of thinking and most importantly a new way of living…

The idea for the project I have created this vision for, is within this new way of thinking and new way of living.

The name for this project is: Y(our) Unique Journey – Helping People Help Themselves.

The vision for this project is simply to focus on “you” and “our”, which makes us think less about, “me” and “I” and instead, think more about what we can do for others and through that, do for the common good where we all benefit. We can lift more by doing it together and when we all give and share, there will be developed a beautiful energy, that will enhance everyone´s lives.

With that in mind we are all on a unique journey, a journey, we all can share and a journey we all can inspire other people with, by what we have learned individually and what we evidently can learn from others.
On this journey we are all on, we all grow and develop as we go and for all of us in a different pace. The other half of this project is the vast and beautiful area of personal growth and development, which is a field that has improving as human beings as its core and along with that, the objective, which is what this project stands for: Helping People Help Themselves.

So the over all idea is simply to bridge these two worlds and have a platform, where the students and the teachers we all are, can connect and network, contribute their Journey Story and much more as a members of this community and begin the new thinking and new way of living, by giving, sharing, helping and supporting the common good for everyone, which is: Helping People Help Themselves.

We all can have a part of this by getting involved with this project and when you understand the vision and have an idea about the potential, it is simply stunning to think about what this possibly can do.

For more information about the vision for the project and to have a look at the website, go here: http://youruniquejourney.com
And… Become a fan on Facebook, here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Your-Unique-Journey/154637061270498

You can find my contact information on the website as well and write me an email with any feedback you feel like sharing.

It is with pride that I can announce this project for launched and will be looking forward to connect with all of you!

I want to finish this blog off with thanking my good friend, Gloria, who has helped putting the website together and we are now together in the mindset to get the vision for this project out in the open… We look forward to be able to share it with you and see where it call all take us as we grow and come together…

May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey!

All my very best,


Website: http://youruniquejourney.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Your-Unique-Journey/154637061270498 


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