Unique Insights

Go Beyond… & Find Unique Understanding

If there are over 7 billion people on this planet, all looking at the world differently, there must be over 7 billion different and unique worlds. – Gideon Nielsen

This is a quote that I wrote down in thinking about one of my favorite subjects which is: Uniqueness.

I like uniqueness, because I like to think, that when understanding this concept as much as relativity allows, I believe what emerges is a natural way of compassion for other people and the world. Uniqueness is what we most likely do not know yet, until we understand and until we go beyond what we see before us using our senses.

When we judge, condemn or complain about people, situations and things there are happening in the world, we in my opinion do it on behave of what we can sense with our 5 physical senses. When we go beyond that and understand why something is happening the way it is, we begin to understand something and that brings forth a relieve and dissolves the judging and the negative energy. It is when we get the: Ahaaa – experience…

Understanding what?… You say.

Simply finding the reason for why and you can see the why as the “why” you judge. Because if you and I point our finger at something, there must be something we do not know and hence and do not understand yet. Find anything in your life you judge, what ever it is and do what ever you can to understand that single thing. Get to the bottom of it!
Let me know how it goes. 😉

So, where is uniqueness in the picture? Well… Uniqueness is to me pretty much everything that happens with and around us. Nothing is ever the same as all things changes and to go beyond and understand something, is getting to know and understand the big WHY´s of people, situations and what is happening around the world.

It basically comes down to the reasons we want to find answers for. Because without reasons we won´t be able to know. But to help ourselves we have the ability to imagine, that we do know there is a reason and that might be enough to simply be okay and to let the judging and toxic energy go.

I sincerely believe that this understanding and this idea about going beyond to find out the reasons to understand any unique aspect imagined or figure out what it actually is and get the clear cut picture, will purify ones life!
It has and does to mine…

I  hope this will enhance and do something positive for you…
And feel free to let me know what you think about this idea…

May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


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