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Honesty Is Pure Human Character

How are you doing folks?

Today I want to write out a message, that has made a rather interesting revelation to me over the last few days… And maybe after this read, it will do something interesting for you…?
But first…

When we grow as human beings it is often because we recognize something within, which is not serving us and we then want to put something that serves us in its place. Also, when we grow, we go through stages where we seem not to move anywhere but because the path is bumpy once in a while, we have to get over the hill and on, to actually see the strength that we gained prior to crossing the top.

A third thing, which is what has really expanded my awareness and sense of liberation, is the recognition of a habit so deep that I was not aware of it until I met a pure sense of honesty from another person. Our world tends to be how we see it and we often see ourselves in the mirror of how we see the world around us.
For me that has been the fact in this case.

Having had a giant ego and working on transcending it more and more, which  has come through having played a lot of sports, games, wanting to accumulate money and what ever to create a “better” life and wanting to be better.  It seems to be the reason why a deep sense of dishonesty against myself developed and has been in me for a long time and very unconscious of it. Something so deep that it is under many layers, but has a great unconscious influence on once life.

Important! : I do not talk about lying here, I talk about that I have not faced the truth about what honesty is down to a level where we do not hold anything back anymore or neglect to see the reality of what it causes in our lives. For example: If someone ask me, if I want a glass of water, I could often say “no”, because; “I do not need a glass of water” – Or do not want to have the person get me that for me (even though I want a glass of water).  It was almost like I pre-decided, before the actual moment arose to convey my answer.

It is tough to leave your old self behind and it seems we have to go through a type of wall or unpleasent experience to get through to the side that serves us, even though we are in the midst of the steam and storm ahead or around. Although when I mentally look beyond and see that the new way of thinking or living is recognized as something that is serving to me, when being conscious of the positve outcome it gives a very liberating and gratifying emotion.

When someone is constantly recognizing that I am not honest with myself and instead of me being offended but really admits, that it is something I carry it is where the revelation of what honesty is, is revealed. Simply amazing to be in a state, where honesty towards myself can give so much pleasure and inner freedom.

I will see if what I have learned can help you also… So here is my shot at it…

To some degree I believe that we live in a superficial world, where we have moved ourselves away from not wanting to tell the truth anymore. I think that there is a cover over the vulnerability that we all have in which we see the truth as something weak. It is something we do not want to face, even though it might be the purest form of human character.

Again… I am not talking about lying, I am talking about a way that we behave, a way that seems to be a way of life and the way we talk. Instead of not agreeing with a friend, we say: ” yea yea ” not to offend the person, even though we do not agree. Why is it that we do not tell our friend that we do not agree and give our own opinion without feeling we are initiating an argument?

Let us talk things out, have our opinions, be compassionate and let us be honest, especially be honest towards ourselves…

Let us get used to be honest…

I am a work in progress and I just wanted to share this, as it has been one of the major revelations over the past weeks time…

I really hope this will bring in some inspiration, that can help… I, for myself can see how important this is for me and then it might be important for you as well…

Thanks for reading
May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


2 thoughts on “Honesty Is Pure Human Character”

  1. Gid, I love how you are laying all this out. Asking important questions and helping a lot of people who are struggling through the same obstacles. I especially like what you had to say about honesty here. I agree honesty and being up front and truthful with people is the way to go and save us lots of time and energy.

    But in terms of sharing one´s opinion and having honest and open conversation.. I def agree that we shouldn´t just agree with someone in order to avoid an argument or to not offend them. But I also feel that sometimes our opinion is not necessary or won´t necessary lead to a good conversation or debate, but rather will bring unwanted argument and unrest. I guess it all depends on the situation and the person you are talking to. I believe honesty is important, but sometimes it´s better to just listen and not say anything.

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