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I am in midst of reading a very interesting book called: The Divine Matrix. A book written by Gregg Braden. A former scientist, who has grown in the passion of studying how the universe is working, how that relates to history and the cycles which is happening as we speak and have done for millions of years, plus bringing his knowledge in those fields into giving evidence for spirituality, how it is felt, seen and what it consist of if you will.

He has traveled many places around the globe to find answers to why the universe is, as it is. Our role in it and what kind of influence we have. In the middle of this book, he goes into what reality is, the theories that have tried to prove that invisible field. What gave me the inspiration to write this specific post, is the idea of our feelings and emotions has an influence in the universe.

Gregg Braden has gone to a monastery in Tibet a couple of times, which is 15000 feet above sea level, simply to ask monks what this field consist of, what it is that connects everything and what makes us connect to it?
The very short and simple answer he got was: “Compassion is what connects all things.”
Compassion is an emotion and emotions and feelings in the heart has a 5000 time higher magnetic field than the brain. So needless to say, if compassion is what connects all things and we can get to that sensation by going into our hearts more, it seems that is the way to proceed.

We are all on a journey and have to go through many things and the point of all this can be, that whenever and however things are going, lets seek compassion towards ourselves and the people we surround us by. Compassion towards how people are, how they behave and where they are coming from. Since everything is unique and we don´t know and are not able to understand everything about a person, compassion is the potential for us to envelope us within the field that seems to be what connects the beauty of this world to us and us to it.

So simply, be compassionate… Lets see what that does to our lives and what it does to other people in our lives…

May you be well and safe on Y(our) Unique Journey


4 thoughts on “Compassion…

  1. Great blog post Gideon. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

    1. Thank you for reading it.. I appreciate it…

  2. Thanks for sharing this- I read Gregg’s book many years now and I feel I need to revisit it since I have gained so much more knowledge and understanding. Have you seen “I AM”- I do not think it is playing in theaters now but the DVD comes out in January and worth seeing if you haven’t.

    1. Thank you so much! I so want to watch that movie..!

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