When following one´s heart, love seems to be the outcome…

How are you doing folks?

I am writing this post after having spend about 10 days in Chicago.
First of all the weather here is a lot warmer than it was in Denmark on average so that is a plus. With that it has been such a great time so far.

Just over the weekend where observing a “ride along” in Nas car and going to a Reggae concert and enjoying time with great people.
But what got me to Chicago, again?

When leaving Chicago last time I left, I left something behind that had quite a significant factor in coming back. Fortunately through 2 months of being in Denmark, my heart led me back to the Windy City and to a persons place that has definitely enhanced my life when it comes to joy, fun, honesty and love…

I have followed my heart and intuition several times over the past 2 years, and yes, it was even before I officially left Denmark. When I look back at the roads I have taken because of the spark inside that told me to do that or go there, it has always been something good, something exciting and in this case love that has been the outcome.

Love is a big word and a word that often can be put on anything positive, but love is most known for when we have love for another person and experience it mutually.
That is in what got me to Chicago and why I am staying put here… Hopefully for a long time..

A fantastic quote that I found on a persons profile online, is something which resembles what love truly is when there is physical distance between two people.

“For the hearts that truly love, distance is just a word willing to wait.”

Thanks a lot for following my blog…
And if you feel like it, please check out the other blogs that I have posted in one of the categories..

All the best on your unique journeys…



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