Relating Life To Life

My Father Answered: “My goal is to have a family…”

With a lack of life experience, I often did not understand things which is obvious when I take a peak back at what is learned.

As a younger kid I always was involved with sports, winning and losing and in addition an almost craving as well as desire for money and financial freedom.
Since family is the closest thing we got in our lives,  it is usually the people who we go about in our life the most. It is here we seek advice, but also compassion, respect and support for the endeavors we try out as we are growing up.

Since I had a period in my life where a goal of financial freedom seemed to drive me, it came to what was the underlying goal and wish.
I often talked to my dad in instances where I wanted to explain that and the reasons why.

My dad simply answered when I asked him what his goal was and his answer was: ” I want to have a family. ”
Writing this I am touched… Because I feel what he means and realize why he wanted a family and how great a job he is doing, because my two brothers and me we have never needed anything. My mother and him has always been there and it is amazing to have been in an ignorant state where that is being taken for granted or not even being able to appreciate it, because of the lack of life experience and understanding.

Can we have anything more valuable than people we love?

I thank my family and my dad…
I also thank a very special person I finally have met in my life and which is one of the causes of this post, because I now have the idea about why he wanted a family so much..

It is where love is given out, received and where the sharing of it makes  the reality of it come together…


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