Other Journey Blogs

This will be a page where I post friends and contacts in my network who also has a blog, which is one way or another is related to this journey we are all on…
A way for you to connect to people I admire and enjoy reading about as well as an additional way to get inspired by other people who has a unique journey they are willing to share…
So enjoy this option and support them anyway you can, maybe you will find a new friend or learn something that might motivate you to do something new or take a leap that will benefit you in your own life…

I will simply put a list and you can then go to the blog and through reading it, get to know this person…

The first one is Korken Alexander, a great and very honest person that I met on my travels to Costa Rica earlier this year. He has just taken a leap to volunteer in Guatamala … His blog is: http://www.corkinabottle.blogspot.com/

Yuliya LaRoe I also met in Costa Rica and is soon a certified personal coach and shares through her blog many insights and interesting observations… Her blog is: http://happytransitions.wordpress.com/

Jen Smith I met traveling up the west coach of Australia. She really enjoys traveling and is this summer going across Canada, where she is originally from. Her blog is: http://dontforgetyourspork.com/


About Gideons Unique Journey

I live where I am and I study life
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2 Responses to Other Journey Blogs

  1. Gideon! I finally had a chance to check out more of your website and see what you’re all about…. What you do is amazing!! I love it. Let’s chat more about how we can help each other out!
    Trista Wilson

    • Thank you so much for your comment, here and on facebook.. I appreciate it..
      I definitely want for us to be able to help one another.. I am in between addresses right now.. I will be more settled in a couple of days, and we can go from there.. All my best to you..!

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