Gideon´s Journey

The Journey Continues…

Gideon is a young astute man at age 25 who is on a journey through life. During the blogging going forward, you will get a glimpse of where life is taking him. It will show what great experiences are happening on the constant moving around to new and different places. Personal growth and a leap of pursuing renewal from within is what got Gideon started traveling.

On this front page, under the category: Gideon´s Journey, there will be written about Gideon once in a while. About where he is, what he is experiencing and what is happening around him and inside of him. Since you probably got here, by knowing Gideon, you wonder if he is going to write anything himself, right?

And yes… Reading and writing is a big part of his life and it seems it is helping him to understand and express life through that medium.

On this page there is a few categories which will be worth taking a look at once in a while, as it is here where Gideon will bring out insights he is getting along the road on his journey. It will be: Unique Insights, which will be quotes and citations that inspires him and will then write a point relating to it. Stories on the journey will be a category where Gideon will write small stories on his journey if there is anything he feels like sharing.

An interesting category which is named: Relating life to life, is where happenings and experiences that is being observed by Gideon will be related to whatever he thinks will serve as awareness about life in some way.

Image introspection is where Gideon´s good friend Geoff Lakings will be offering great insights from beautiful and interesting pictures that he is capturing on his own journey. He will be elaborating on them and relate them to what will serve people.

The last category is where it is possible to donate.
There will be a donate button available and anyone who wants to contribute, is free to do so and any amount is very appreciated.

Gideon will also soon share a very interesting project he is working on as well.
This blog will be in close companionship to that project and much more information will be shared here as the development goes on…

So follow Gideon, follow his thoughts and in addition get a chance to follow one of his friends as he will have his posts coming soon enough…

Lets finish this blog off with starting a thought that will serve as a common goal, when we understand, apply and live after it.

Lets come together, and, Share, Give and Help one another… This amounts into, Love…

Please enjoy this blog and come back often.

Be well and safe on Your Unique Journey…


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