To do or to be?

“To do is to be” – Nietzsche
“To be is to do” – Kant
“Do be do be do” – Sinatra

I saw this quote on a magnet in a friends house and it is something that has been on my mind quite a bit… Mostly in regards to these two words: Do & Be, which cannot be separated.

We simply have to be to do, but when we do, we also have to be and when Sinatra finishes this off with bringing them together, a word like: Balance seems to be what this constitutes over all…

So… Lets be the doing and do it with our being in balance…


1 thought on “To do or to be?

  1. The state of “Be”ing that one is in, will determine the outcome of the “Do”ing. When “Be”ing frustrated, overwhelmed, worried, angry, depressed, or anywhere in between, the “Do”ing will produce limited and possibly even counter-productive effects. But, when “Be”ing happy, joyful, at peace, in harmony, feeling love, you will attract what you desire, even without any “Do”ing.
    Muse Gloria

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